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DIY Unicorn Mason Jar


You will need:
Large Mason jar
White spray paint
Molding clay
Metallic gold paint
Fine gold glitter
Fine pink glitter
Mod Podge
Small round sponge brush
Sticker unicorn eyelashes
Hot glue gun


First, spray paint the large Mason jar white and let it dry.
Take some molding clay and make a unicorn horn out of it. Bake it, as directed.
Paint the horn gold and sprinkle on some gold glitter.
Apply a set of unicorn eyelashes to the Mason jar once it has dried.
Use a small round sponge brush with Mod Podge and create some cheeks.
Sprinkle some fine pink glitter on the cheeks and blow away the extra glitter.
Let the cheeks dry.
Hot glue the horn to the jar.
Hot glue fake flowers on the rim of the jar to create a flower crown.

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